Experiental Marketing


Music festivals…Pop-up stores…and everything in between. Experiential Marketing is a cross-media promotional activity which encourages two-way interaction and direct physical immersion into a brand. Experiential marketing activities can range from high profile invite only events to tasters at a local farmer's market.

McGraw Productions and Svedvik Collective empowers your organization to develop these unique brand experiences. We offer more qualified teams who deliver on-strategy solutions. This means faster work, lower expenses and less infrastructure. Compared to mass media campaigns, experiential events tend to communicate on a much more personal level, generate a deeper level of emotional engagement with your customers.

When you work with Svedvik Collective and McGraw Productions, our team becomes a part of your team. You get an Experiential Marketing department without adding headcount to your company. We are a culture of agility and responsiveness. Simple…Swift…Smart…Streamlined.


With the internet changing the face of tourism marketing and the plethora of social media platforms, there are more opportunities to engage directly with consumers and travelers. We need to employ additional strategies to leverage industry resources and statewide partnerships to help get the message out. Some of these strategies would create opportunities for consumers to engage in a grass root interaction and explore the many diverse assets of your State, including history, heritage, culture, outdoor recreation, theme parks, sports, food and wine.


McGraw Productions, Svedvik Collective and State City Displays collaborated on the design and creation of an experiential tourism footprint "The Pennsylvania Experience". The activation was planned to tour both in and out-state to New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio and Canada at large ticketed and free events/venues that would attract over $5Million attendees. Destination-specific kiosks and activities were designed to provide consumers tourism information and resources. We'd like nothing better than to create a "Tourism Experience" with your State or destination.

PA Case Study
What is the Tourism Experience?
An experiential marketing vehicle which showcases the many great assets of your State including destinations and attractions touring both in and out-state at large ticketed and free events/venues. The footprint can be built around a 53' foot wrapped tractor trailer with a pop-up structure surrounded by exhibits which convert into a 1,000 sq. ft. display with multi-media content strategically displayed on the main stage, video wall and interactive kiosks. The Experience also provides an opportunity promote the many great products that are "Made in Your State" and the local businesses and companies who support the tourism industry.
Why the Tourism Experience?
The Tourism Experience is designed to give visitors access to important information to take the next step in planning trips to your State, ultimately providing additional state tax revenue and economic development opportunities.

The Experience will:

  • Target domestic and in-state travelers to increase visitation to your State.
  • Drive consumers to visit destinations, unique factory tours and take road trips.
  • Encourage state residents to plan their staycation and learn about the beauty and history of their own state.
  • Highlight the unique experiences, events and beautiful assets of your State.
  • Provide an opportunity for consumers to book their reservation "on the spot".
  • Provide consumer data aggregation and collection for stakeholders and sponsors.
  • Provide product sampling opportunities for sponsors via the Tourism Experience Brand Ambassadors.

  • PA Case Study

    Who Can Benefit from the Tourism Experience?
  • Tourism Promotion Agencies (TPA's)
  • Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO's)
  • State Tourism Trade Associations
  • Local businesses (restaurants, hotels, retailers) representing the backbone of our communities State and Government Agencies. For example, the Department of Community and Economic Development; Department of Conversation and Natural Resources (promoting visitation to State Parks); Fish and Boat Commission (promoting the sale of fishing and gaming licenses); Department of Transportation (promoting EZPASS and road safety); Dept. of Agriculture (promoting state preferred products).

  • Our production team will produce multi-media content which will be strategically placed throughout the footprint and displayed on the main stage, video wall and interactive kiosks, which will feature:

  • 3D Immersive Environment
  • Town and Attraction Vignettes
  • Web & Sponsor Vignettes

  • An important part of a Tourism Experience is the consumer interaction. As part of the touch screen displays and kiosks, our production company will create content pieces on tourism locations, notable restaurants and major attractions. These vignettes will be 30 -90 seconds in length and will provide the consumer with background on the location as well as highlight new events and experiences.

    How can the Tourism Experience Be Funded?
  • Public / Private Partnerships
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • State Grants
  • Tourism Promotion Agency Grants
  • Merchandise Sales and Other Ancillary Products

  • PA Case Study