CLIENTS - 2015-2016 Spanning 30 Years of Success!

McGraw Productions Clients


"Diane is simply the best. If you need a brand promoter she's the first call you should make."

Diane proved to be an intelligent, dedicated executive and partner in our city's efforts to bring new business to our community and grow existing business."

"Diane has done a great job of elevating the image and generating national exposure for Louisville and the sports commission".

Diane will lead you to surpass your highest expectations for public awareness and fundraising potential through strategic planning and event execution. Get ready for a big win!

McGraw Productions represents a huge part of the sucess in The Max Meyer Band. Through Diane McGraws guidance we secured local and national sponsorship which lead to commercial radio play and major label offers.

"Diane created momentum for our Central Florida sports efforts…we will miss her leadership"